The 215 native has seen a lot of good from those around him, and copied their ways. Likewise, influenced by elements that some may deem as "corrupt". Being from an area where survival is the name of the game, many lines become blurred.  When you win, there is no cheering, confetti falling or congratulations, and when you lose you won’t even be around to know.  

 Through musical elements ranging from Hip Hop, to soul and fusing genres such as R&B and Gospel, this is the North Philly native's story being told. One of journey, confusion, doubts, revelation, and redemption through God.  

Songs like “Blessed“Put em on skates”, and others, perfectly show the duality between what’s known and what’s being discovered about faith, mentality, and the way the world is perceived. Afterdark is as oxymoronic as it can be, whether day or night, we all reach a point where we are standing at cross roads in life.

LaRoo Afterdark

Creating the soundtrack to the life

My vision for AfterDark is a simple one. It’s to create an audio biography of Saeso’s life; My interpretation of (His)tory.    -LaRoo


From top to bottom, AfterDark goes through a rollercoaster of emotions by giving different perspectives and philosophies of life.

A.o.W. (Art of War) is a piece concerning the issues of the Black Urban Experience through the eyes of Saeso. Being that the Black Experience is similar for Black people but isn’t monolithic, I tried to convey that by using different samples, instruments and drum patterns. Each layer was meticulously put together with the thought of highlighting different hues of red and yellow. This process was one of the longest from the album; 3 beat revisions, added samples, different sound designs. The journey this beat has taken me was an enlightening one; literally and metaphorically.

J.B.T.  (Jon Bolds Theory) is a modern day take on a traditional ballad. The inspiration for this track came from the smooth era of music, The 70s. I wanted to replicate the film scoring orchestras of the 70s using digital sounds. The picture that comes to mind is a purple ocean with waves of yellow and orange. Purple is a perfect blend of passion and tranquil (Red and Blue) with a hidden hue of uncertainty, while the splashes of yellow and orange represent hope. My approach for this track was an odd one. I started with the harmonic rhythm of the bass and built up my chords using a Classical music technique called Figured Bass. I added guitar, strings and synths to provide the wave texture and color. This is definitely a track to cruise down the road with a sunset hovering over the horizon.