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Multitalented, Jon Bolds is no stranger to the world of acting. Film and theatre have always peaked his interest. "Will Smith man, Will Smith was the guy to me, he was able to do music and at the same time become one of the best actors in his generations"- Jon Bolds. Since seeing Will, Jon wanted to be an actor just like him. It wasn't until then, that he began honing his craft. After gaining experience on the stage, he went into film. In 2020, Jon partnered with different film companies such as 1939 studios. To this day, Jon Bolds is carving his name into the acting world by building scenes, writing films, and uploading internet series fueled by his natural passion for acting.

Dontae's Inferno

Dantae's Inferno is the 4th movie brought to life by 1939 Studios. The plot explores the life of the protagonist Dantae, as he attempts to save his friends from fatal endings. Watch Jon Bolds bring the character of Charles to life in the 1939 Studios film, Dontae's Inferno

All American Rejects

All American Rejects goes through the football Lives of 2 untalented quarterbacks looking to solidify themselves in school history as the unanimous 3rd string quarterback. As the Razorbacks embark on a new  season new alliances and enemies emerge, can the Razorbacks become triumphant, can Jeff Awstruck and Gerald "Big Daddy" Allen co-exist? who knows?